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Radisson Hotel Group recently announced that it has signed eleven new hotel contracts in South Africa, bringing its African portfolio to nearly 100 hotels. The PAs are targeting rivals, including Radisson, as they seek to capitalise on a multibillion-dollar war chest to drive their expansion into Africa's biggest market.

Two of the new hotels are due to open in Johannesburg in the next few months, the first in Cape Town and the second in Addis Ababa. Accor plans to open four more hotels in South Africa, four in the capital, and one each in Pretoria, Johannesberg and Cape Town.

Mark Willis, who was appointed the company's Middle East and Africa chief this month, told Reuters that Accor was looking at a number of markets in South Africa, Africa's second-largest economy, even though 70 percent of existing properties are in the North African market. The development team also has its sights set on the South African capital Johannesburg, which is considered a mature hotel market, as well as other cities such as Cape Town and Pretoria, he said. Willis said Acc - which has a strong historical presence in francophone Africa - also wants to grow in Rwanda, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Addis Ababa has the potential to host five active hotel brands in Africa, he said in a statement. Accor said it plans to open 71 properties across Africa over the next five years, increasing its inventory from 14,000 to 40,000 rooms and increasing its inventory to about 40,000. Africa as a whole is currently the medium and long-haul segment of the economy that Willis believes is a key driver for the company's growth in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

But if you look at the brands, Hilton, Protea, Marriott and Radisson are the most common, "he said. The African market, which is increasingly attracting large hotel chains, is able to compete with them, Willis said, acknowledging that "Radisson is doing a fantastic job in Africa."

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South Africa may dominate the hotel industry in sub-Saharan Africa, but the problem is cross-continental. West Africa accounts for less than 10% of the Accor Hotels brand hotels worldwide, and Hilton has only 100 hotels traded in Africa. Southern Africa is home to more hotels and resorts than any other region in South Africa. While visitors from North America require a visa to enter 45 African countries, the figure for Africans from outside the continent is 55%.

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More About Capetown