Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain - Cape Town, South Africa You certainly cannot say you have been to Cape Town if you have not the awe that is Table Mountain. The mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park a vast land inhabited by a wide variety of animal and plant life most of which are endemic. To come to the foot of this Wonder of Nature and rise to its summit is nothing less than breath taking. No I mean, literally. If you are to get to summit of this mountain brace yourself for a climb. Reaching the top of the plateau is worth all the hustle.

The scenic vale of this experience is priceless. A view like no other. As you rise through the forest of trees you turn back you are greeted with a priceless view of the city of Cape Town and a grand view of the two oceans, the place where the Atlantic and Indian oceans collide. On a good day as you ascend you are engulfed by the clouds. To ascend to the top for a more personal and intimate experience you would want to cycle and hike to the plateau. If your fitness levels are not so peaked, do not despair there are cable cars available to carry you up.

The mountain's is flanked by the Devils Peak on one side and the Lions Head and Signal Hill which complete its summit. From these you have a distant view of Robben Island where the late Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years. Other than enjoying the panoramic views at the summit facilities have been made available for you to have a holistic experience. After taking your photos, and not forgetting one selfie or two, you can enjoy meals in the Table Mountain Café. From this self-services café you can have the option of food, drinks, wines and desserts. The place is loaded with things to do and offers guided or audio tours. Or better yet why not abseil from above the clouds. You will have to make time to summit this 7th Wonder of nature. As it is aptly called in the original native Khoisan Hoerikwaggo – Mountain of the Sea.