Cape Town South Africa

The Company's Garden Nestled in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Cape Town in South Africa is a quaint getaway, a place to get some reprieve. This garden is etched with life and a deep history dating back to the 1600s. It served as a melting pot for a diversity of cultures that got entwined in the need to trade as harbouring ships were served here. It is because of this that you will find a variety of different ethnic monuments in this garden. Because of all the history it holds, the garden is a park and heritage site.

This garden was created in the early 1650s by the areas first European settlers which helped sprout the now large metropolis once South Africa's capital, it is befittingly still known as the Mother City. This area holds some of the most fertile ground in the area and because of this it was used as farmland that produced fresh produce. Hordes of ships navigating the Indian and Atlantic oceans rounded the Cape and crops grown and harvested here were used to replenish their supplies. Befittingly this place hosts the annual Cape Town Festival a celebration of the city's diverse cultures. The festival of music and dance seeks to bridge the divide between cultures as the country moves forward from its history of Apartheid and tribal difference. The scenic park holds the oldest pear tree in the county planted in 1652 and a monumental garden of roses planted in 1929. At the core of this fusion of cultures and fauna is The Company's Garden Restaurant.

The restaurant serves a pallet of savoury light meals and tea time favourites from dawn till dusk. The garden is laced with monuments that highlight its diversity:  AIDS Memorial  Artillery Memorial  Cecil John Rhodes  Delville Wood Memorial Field Marshal General Jan Christian Smuts • The Japanese Lantern • Major General Sir Henry Timson Lukin ¢ Sir George Grey K.C.B  Temperance Memorial The garden is a must see place to truly get the history and origins of this thriving metropolis.