Cape Town - South Africa

With a perfect balance of attractions, accommodations, activities and scenery , Cape Town has been considered among the top destinations to visit. The city is catering to a diversity of budget, preferences, people and tastes. Being one of the most visited cities in Africa, right from amazing local cuisine, outstanding design and art scene, opportunities for outdoor sports and its inspirational natural beauty, has made it one of the world's best cities. The city quite simple has all the amazing sights right from beaches, mountains, gardens and Winelands. The city is paradise in summers with an overall Mediterranean climate.  

The icon of Cape Town is the Table Mountain with its position as one of the new seven wonders. The city is not only racially colorful but ethnically colorful as well, a melting point of a number of cultures and diverse people. Cape Town is considered number one food city in the world and is an undisputed culinary capital with a number of innovative dishes from African, Italian or Asian with its food markets an excellent space for exploring the food trends in the city. The city has beachfront restaurants and bars providing an opportunity to have a drink or meal with a view of the sea. Besides beaches, the city is also known for its tidal pools providing the people with gorgeous views out over the sea and safe spaces to swim. Cape Town has a unique coffee culture and experiencing Cape Town would not complete without coffee hangouts. Apart from the tourist attraction sights, Cape Town is considered as a home to one of the most breath-taking universities in the world, especially for those thinking and planning about studying abroad. The University of Cape Town that is set on the side of Table Mountain is among the campuses never seen before.